1Why Choose Sri Lanka for my Dental Treatment

Sri Lanka has established a reputation as one of the leading countries for international dental treatments. Some of the doctors are trained and qualified in the United States to the highest level achievable.

Dental clinics in Sri Lanka offer a professional service that is second to none worldwide and treatment fess are often considered to be among the most competitive in the developed world.

Throughout Sri Lanka you will find numerous specialists in orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, paediatric dentistry, oral surgery and prosthodontics.

Most dental professionals in Sri Lanka hold a specialty postgraduate degree and many of them collaborate to ensure exceptional patient care is delivered.

Sri Lankan dental practices offer modern facilities supported by some of the very latest technology and equipment available.

2How do I arrange a free dental examination and consultation in New Zealand without travelling to Sri Lanka

Dr Gamalath from Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental, provides a free dental consultation in New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington) every 4 – 6 months. At this time he will assess your dental requirements and provide a free quote.

3Why consider Sri Lanka instead of other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia

Some countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have established themselves as suitable destinations for international medical tourism – especially for those who are seeking specialist cosmetic surgery treatments such as breast augmentation, body lifts etc. To a lesser extent they offer dental treatment programmes.

Sri Lanka on the other hand has established itself as a ‘dental’ medical destination for those seeking dental treatments only and is now recognised internationally for being a country that specialises in this field.

Treatment fees are generally lower in Sri Lanka when compared with say Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia and the dental surgeons and support staff are in many instances qualified and trained to the highest international level.

4Why choose Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental

Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental offers treatment prices for basic dental care from as low as NZD 15. They offer a full range of services including: cosmetic dental care, restorative dental care and preventative dental care.

The clinic features the very latest dental technology including modern digital X-ray imagery and digital intra oral cameras to ensure treatment is delivered accurately.

Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental is regarded as one of the top dental practices in Sri Lanka and is conveniently located in Colombo. It is internationally recognised for its success with implantology and cosmetic dental surgery for international patients.

With over 18 years of experience and more than 50,000 satisfied patients throughout the world, they are leaders in their profession with highly skilled and qualified dental surgeons and support personnel.

5Can you tell me more about the surgeons?

You can find out more about the Dental team here.

6How many dentists does Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental have available

Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental has three highly trained and qualified dental surgeons available. The dental surgeons attached to the clinic are Dr Mayura Gamalath B.D.S. Sri Lanka, M.A.A.I.D. USA, Dr Asanka Weerasooriya B.D.S. Sri Lanka and Dr Dushan Baddage BDS. Sri Lanka, MS (PH) PGD (DM).

7How qualified are the dental surgeons at Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental

The dental surgeons associated with Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental are all qualified to the highest international standards. They are Dr Mayura Gamalath B.D.S. Sri Lanka, M.A.A.I.D. USA, Dr Asanka Weerasooriya B.D.S. Sri Lanka and Dr Dushan Baddage BDS. Sri Lanka, MS (PH) PGD (DM).

The dental surgeons associated with Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental are all qualified to the highest international standards and they have a passion for this field. They understand that every patient’s need is different, so they design treatments that are individually tailored.

They care and look after you with their personalized service, and you can be sure they are committed to ensuring your hygiene and safety with thorough procedures and autoclaving.

All professionals can speak English fluently.

8Where do I stay in Colombo while receiving my dental treatment

Smile Tech, in conjunction with Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental, constantly review and monitor accommodation deals in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka. Only the most reliable and best presented accommodation options are considered. Special accommodation rates have been negotiated for Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental clients providing unbelievable value.

9Does Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental offer specialist dentists

Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental has dentists specialising in the areas of implantology (including crowns and bridging) and cosmetic / restorative dentistry.

10How modern are Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental’s facilities

Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental has created a reputation for providing its patients with the most up to date contemporary dental equipment available. Client comfort and safety is paramount at all times.

The support staff take part in continuing education, attending training courses, workshops and seminars to constantly update their skills and proficiencies in the most modern techniques available.

11Can I provide my existing dental X-rays to Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental

Yes. If you have an existing dental X-ray from your regular dentist or plan on attaining one, then you can provide this to Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental who will assess your restorative or cosmetic dental requirements and provide a free quote accordingly.

12Who is Smile Tech and what is their relationship to Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental

Smile Tech is a brand initiative of Service Travel Ltd and Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental who have teamed up to provide New Zealanders and Australians with cost effective dental treatments in a relaxing and professional environment.

Smile Tech assists with the appointment schedule on behalf of Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental as well as providing its clients with a dental holiday package in Sri Lanka based around the dental treatment to be undertaken.

13What kind of accommodation deals are included in my Dental Holiday Package

Special rates are negotiated with only the most reliable and best presented accommodation properties in Colombo and elsewhere in Sri Lanka.

The accommodation options available as part of your dental holiday package are recommended by Dr Gamalath and his team.

The accommodation style ranges from standard hotel rooms to apartments, villa’s and hotel suites. Prices for 3 to 5 star accommodation ranges from NZD 29 per person per night to NZD 185 per person per night.

14Do I have access to the lowest available airfares to Sri Lanka

Yes. Smile Tech has access to the most competitive airfares available through it's buying power via Service Travel in conjunction with First Travel Group NZ. The most popular flight routing to Colombo is via Singapore with Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand. Other options exist with Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways and Emirates Airways.

15Can my family members enjoy the same airfare and accommodation benefits

Yes. Accommodation is calculated on a room occupancy basis. In other words, the cost for 2 guests in a room is the same as 1 guest. All accommodation and airfare benefits available to the patient of Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental are available to other accompanying travellers.

16Eating out in Sri Lanka

Dining out in Sri Lanka is safe and less challenging from a health point of view than many other tropical countries with a descent standard of hygiene and medical care.

Sri Lanka boasts a fascinatingly idiosyncratic culinary heritage, the result of a unique fusion of local produce with recipes and spices brought to the island over the centuries by Indians, Arabs, Malays, Portuguese, Dutch and English.

The staple dish is rice and curry, at its finest a miniature banquet whose contrasting flavours – coconut milk, chillies, curry leaves, cinnamon, garlic and “Maldive fish” (an intensely flavoured pinch of sun-dried tuna) – bear witness to Sri Lanka’s status as one of the original spice islands. There are plenty of other unique specialities to explore and enjoy – hoppers, string hoppers, kottu rotty, lamprais and pittu – as well as plentiful seafood.

Costs are most reasonable. You can get a filling rice and curry meal for only a few dollars at a local café, while main courses at most guesthouse restaurants usually cost around NZD 7–10, and even at the island’s poshest restaurants it’s usually possible to find main courses for under $NZD 20. Note that many places add a ten percent service charge to the bill, while more upmarket restaurants may add additional government taxes of varying amounts (usually 13–15 percent) on top of that.

  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    I had been advised in New Zealand that I needed 2 expensive bridges. When our family decided to make a trip to Sir Lanka a friend recommended Dr Mayura as he had been pleased with the work done on his teeth. Besides the professional and safe practices the added bonus for me was the quick non-invasive cosmetic work on my front teeth that my New Zealand dentist had never suggested! So, I had the bridges completed at an affordable price and am so much happier with my smile .   The service Dr Mayura and staff provide is wonderful – they fitted my appointments around our 10 day itinerary, even organising all transport to and from his clinic and then when I returned home checked to find out how my teeth were.  
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    I visited Sri Lanka in July 2017 and was keen to get a “troublesome tooth” checked while I was there. In NZ, I had been advised to get a root canal or extraction/crown/bridge, all of which was unaffordable. I had a friend who had some dental work done in Sri Lanka and referred me to see Dr Mayura. I trusted my friend, visited Dr Mayura and was pleasantly surprised and reassured about my “troublesome tooth”. I didn’t actually need expensive work done, I had a clean, scale and polish and left feeling very happy and satisfied. Dr Mayura was very professional, his staff were friendly and welcoming and the clinic is spotless. I felt very comfortable and will visit him again if I am in Sri Lanka in the future. I would recommend my friends and family to pay him a visit too.
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    Thank you so very very much for the superb and professional way of handling my dental needs.I have a lot of confidence now for smiling and mostly enjoying food. No repercussions or discomfort what so ever and as you said Dr Mayura, it will be solid as rock in 3 weeks. Now, to all the people of the world, if you need any kind of implant or cosmetic dental work, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental clinic as they will handle it in the greatest and most professional way.
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    A great experience. A professorial doctor who knows what he is doing and great service as well.
    Lily Hameed
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    I travelled from New Zealand to Sri Lanka for dental treatment in 2016 and chose Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental as they were highly recommended to me. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received, the special care offered and the amazing value for money available when compared to dental costs in New Zealand.
    Amita Weerakoon
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    This is to thank you for your great services. I am very happy and satisfied with your dental treatment and find it to be very effective.
    Mrs Iman Al-Ani


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