Treatment Prices

Below is a treatment pricing guide for Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental.
This is reflected in NZD with all treatment fees subject to exchange rate fluctuations between the Sri Lankan Rupee and the New Zealand dollar.
While the treatment fees detailed are extremely competitive, the level of care and service provided is never compromised.

Treatment Description NZD Visits Duration
Consultation Online consultation, existing X-ray examination, initial consultation & treatment planning FREE 1 1 Day
Filling Light cured composite filling 37.50 - 87.50 1 1 Day
Inlay Ceramic restoration 250 2 1 - 2 Days
Inlay Gold restoration 500 2 3 - 5 Days
Onlay Ceramic restoration 250 2 1 - 2 Days
Onlay Gold restoration 500 2 3 - 5 Days
Crown Porcelain fused to metal ( Vita Ceramic Germany) 250 2 3 - 5 Days
Crown Gold alloy + ceramic 500 3 - 5 Days
Crown All ceramic crowns 375 3 - 5 Days
Crown Zirconia crowns with CAD CAM design (computed drilling and computed milling) 437.50 3 - 7 Days
Crown - full metal  - Semi–Precious (54% Gold) 500 3 - 7 Days
Crown - full metal  - - Gold (86% Gold) 625 3 - 7 Days
Bridges 'We provide many kinds of bridges. The pricing for this is determined by the number of crowns required
Root canal treatments (nerve filling) Front Tooth 150 1 - 3 Days
Root canal treatments (nerve filling) Pre-molar 187.50 1 - 5 Days
Root canal treatments (nerve filling) Molar 225 1 - 5 Days
Laser tooth whitening 312.50 1.5 Hours
Surgery Extraction of a single tooth 12.50 30 mins
Surgery Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth 62.50 - 250 1.5 hours
Surgery Minor surgical procedures (such as removal of a cyst) 125 - 375 up to 1.5 hours
Tooth facing Composite 187.50 1 Day
Tooth facing Zirconia veneers 312.50 - 375 1- 2 Day
Dentures Full set of acrylic dentures both upper and lower 375 5 - 12 Days
Dentures Metal based dentures 312.50 5 - 12 Days
Dentures Flexible dentures (welpast) 375 5 - 12 Days
X-ray Oral digital x-ray FREE
Dental implant Conventional implants (full procedure with crowns) 937.50 - 1250 1 Day - 2.5 months
Orthodontic treatment Cross bite correction and other functional appliances 250 - 625 4 - 6 months

*  The above Crown treatments include core build up and fibre posts (wherever necessary)

** Denture charges vary according to the number of teeth, e.g. 2 missing teeth replaced with a removable acrylic denture will cost from $62.50

** *Special discount will be given for multiple implant treatments and total mouth rehabilitation

  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    I had been advised in New Zealand that I needed 2 expensive bridges. When our family decided to make a trip to Sir Lanka a friend recommended Dr Mayura as he had been pleased with the work done on his teeth. Besides the professional and safe practices the added bonus for me was the quick non-invasive cosmetic work on my front teeth that my New Zealand dentist had never suggested! So, I had the bridges completed at an affordable price and am so much happier with my smile .   The service Dr Mayura and staff provide is wonderful – they fitted my appointments around our 10 day itinerary, even organising all transport to and from his clinic and then when I returned home checked to find out how my teeth were.  
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    I visited Sri Lanka in July 2017 and was keen to get a “troublesome tooth” checked while I was there. In NZ, I had been advised to get a root canal or extraction/crown/bridge, all of which was unaffordable. I had a friend who had some dental work done in Sri Lanka and referred me to see Dr Mayura. I trusted my friend, visited Dr Mayura and was pleasantly surprised and reassured about my “troublesome tooth”. I didn’t actually need expensive work done, I had a clean, scale and polish and left feeling very happy and satisfied. Dr Mayura was very professional, his staff were friendly and welcoming and the clinic is spotless. I felt very comfortable and will visit him again if I am in Sri Lanka in the future. I would recommend my friends and family to pay him a visit too.
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    Thank you so very very much for the superb and professional way of handling my dental needs.I have a lot of confidence now for smiling and mostly enjoying food. No repercussions or discomfort what so ever and as you said Dr Mayura, it will be solid as rock in 3 weeks. Now, to all the people of the world, if you need any kind of implant or cosmetic dental work, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental clinic as they will handle it in the greatest and most professional way.
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    A great experience. A professorial doctor who knows what he is doing and great service as well.
    Lily Hameed
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    I travelled from New Zealand to Sri Lanka for dental treatment in 2016 and chose Sri Lanka Cosmetic Dental as they were highly recommended to me. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received, the special care offered and the amazing value for money available when compared to dental costs in New Zealand.
    Amita Weerakoon
  • What some of our happy clients have to say

    This is to thank you for your great services. I am very happy and satisfied with your dental treatment and find it to be very effective.
    Mrs Iman Al-Ani


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